Job Boards

Career and Professional Development provides resources to Emory students and alumni to help them navigate their career and professional development and reach their career goals. Below, students and alumni will find expertly curated resources that provide information on specific job roles and industries. By selecting one of the links below, students and alumni will be directed to the CPD Handshake Resources page or an external website to view the resources.

Handshake is the primary career services platform at Career and Professional Development. Students can utilize this platform to search for opportunities from employers seeking Emory talent, on-campus jobs & internships, and RSVP for events. The Handshake community includes 14 million students and young alumni at more than 700 universities, connectin talent from across all 50 states with over 300,000 employers recruiting on Handshake – from every Fortune 500 company to thousands of local mom-and-pop shops, nonprofits, startups, and more.

CareerShift is the proactive piece to your search. Search, store and organize: jobs, contacts in companies, school alumni, targeted alerts, create targeted company lists, store documents, and email targeted contacts. Tutorials are inside your account.

Emory Connects is Emory’s exclusive online networking platform where you can obtain career guidance from alumni professionals in your areas of interest. The knowledge you exchange will help you in exploring career options, gain industry insights, and build a core network of professionals who can provide wisdom, guidance, and mentorship!

Daybook The premier job search resource for political, policy, and non-profit professionals.

GoinGlobal helps job and internship seekers find opportunities both at home and abroad. GoinGlobal provides an expert-created, constantly updated career resource committed to providing “grassroots employment intelligence” through their team of local career experts. These globally-minded individuals are in place around the world, personally monitoring and updating the career information and resources that they deliver to you!

Brad Traverse Jobs | Find D.C. Jobs empowers highly-motivated individuals who have what it takes to thrive in the fast-paced and highly competitive work required to help solve the most pressing problems our country faces. Our job listings focus on political, policy, and PR job postings in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Idealist connects millions of idealists – people who want to do good – with opportunities for action and collaboration all over the world. Premiere Job Search Board for Non-Profits

TeamworkOnline is a job board for careers in Sports & Live events. Create a TeamWork Online profile and set notifications for jobs that match your skills, salary expectations, location, and organizations you’d like to work for.

Parker Dewey offers our Emory students a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience outside the traditional internship cycle with Micro-internships.

The Vault provides information specific job roles and industries. The Vault Guides to Jobs series is ideal for learning about careers and include information on the work environment, education requirements, a typical day in the life, and career outlook.