Updating Your Profile on LinkedIn: Skills You Should (and Shouldn’t) Add

Creating a LinkedIn profile can feel stressful enough — how much experience do you add? Do you write descriptions of what you did? Who do you connect with? Should you start making inspirational posts with emojis for emphasis? Yet LinkedIn …

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How Employers View Your LinkedIn Profile?

Wondering how your LinkedIn profile factors into hiring decisions?

In a 2020 survey, 67 percent of recruiters said they used the professional social media platform to recruit candidates. Another 67 percent noted they perused candidates’ LinkedIn profiles before extending hiring …

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How to Write an Entry-Level Cover Letter [Example]

By Don Cornwell
Don Cornwell
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What Is the STAR Method? How to Use It in Interviews


Hey there! This article is a part of our series on Behavioral Interviews. Check out our complete Behavioral Interview Prep Course to prepare for your upcoming interviews.

Preview of Top Behavioral Interview Questions:
Tell me about a time …

By Exponent
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7 Top Qualities Employers Look For In Candidates

When you’re looking through job postings, you may be surprised by just how specific the listed skills and expectations are.

But this isn’t the whole picture of what the employer is looking for. Though each position requires a particular work …

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15 Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager (and 5 to Skip)

The interview process is a two-way street. The hiring manager is trying to figure out if you’re a good fit for the role, and you’re trying to figure out if the job and company are a good fit for you. …

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What Is an Applicant Tracking System? Your Questions Answered!

You’ve probably seen the stats that say a majority of resumes are screened out by applicant tracking systems (ATS) and never seen by a human. Or you’ve heard that if you don’t use enough of the right keywords, your application …

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6 Ways to Set Boundaries on the Job Search

Searching for a job can feel like a full-time job. Finding the right roles to apply for, personalizing cover letters and resumes, and going through multiple rounds of interviews, can be exhausting and draining. So how can you set boundaries …

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How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

If your career plans include graduate school or research, there’s a good chance you’ll need a few recommendation letters from your professors. While you probably asked high school teachers to write letters for you, asking a professor to write one …

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What to Bring to a Job Interview in 2022

Whether in-person or over Zoom, the interview is a big step toward a job. And while you know you need to bring your A-game, do you know what to bring to a job interview? Having the right items with you …

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