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Career Treks

The Career Trek program brings students into the workplaces of Emory alumni and friends to expose them to potential career paths and broaden their understanding of industries.  

The program leverages Emory’s well-positioned and successful alumni in major cities across the country who are excited to share their insights and personal career stories with students.  

Through targeted learning, conversation, and informal networking with alumni, students will gain critical insights that inform their academic and career paths.  

Each trek includes a variety of experiences that help students envision everyday life in those cities.   

Career Trek’s activities include:   

  • Talks with local alumni working in the industry  
  • Visits to employers and key partners  
  • Exploration of local landmark sites  
  • Cultural experiences  
  • Networking events with local Emory Alumni  

Upcoming 2023-24 Treks

Fall Career Trek: Los Angeles, CA | October 7 – 11  

Spring Career Trek: Washington, DC | March 9 – 11

Applications Open – January 2024