Career and Professional Development (CPD)


Career and Professional Development is an innovative and engaging resource that drives student professional development and success. 

We envision a center where:

  • All students will explore, identify and actively pursue a career path consistent with their values, interests, talents, and skills – and by commencement, will have acquired ethically-grounded professional competency, life-ready resilience, and resolution in obtaining intentional post-graduate employment or continuing education opportunities. Ultimately, students transition from Emory work-ready, life-ready, relationship-ready, and citizenship-ready to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment.
  • Faculty, alumni, parents, and friends place the greatest value in partnering with Career and Professional Development to advance the professional development of students.
  • Employers and professional/graduate schools consider Emory the primary destination for recruiting talent.
  • Staff value and engage in individual and collective professional development to maintain the highest competency and field expertise standards, contributing to integrity and leadership in career services.


Our unwavering mission is to facilitate relationships among students, alumni, prospective employers, graduate and professional schools, and University constituents to foster a community of learning designed to advance the career development process.

INclusion Statement

Career and Professional Development is committed to empowering all students to bring their full selves to the career discernment process, pursuing meaningful work that aligns with their values, and using their experiences, background, and voices to become agents of change in the workplace.