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Industry Networking Nights

Come meet the Emory alumni and industry professionals making an impact in Atlanta and beyond!

Industry Networking Nights are hosted each semester and allow Emory students to meet professionals actively working in various industries, including business, STEM, arts & entertainment, and more.

Students will hear unique career stories, meet like-minded alumni, and discover new ways to leverage their Emory experience in their career journey.  

Fall 2023 Events

Business & Business Technology Networking Night

Meet professionals from diverse fields, including business technology, accounting, finance, marketing, and consulting. Gain meaningful connections as experienced industry leaders share their expertise and offer a glimpse into their successful careers.

Healthcare Networking Night

Come and meet local alumni from various healthcare fields, including clinical, non-clinical, and administrative roles across the industry.

Spring 2024 Events

Stay tuned for more Industry Networking Nights in Spring 2024, including such fields as:  

  • STEM Networking Night 
  • Government & Public Policy 
  • Social Impact/Nonprofit 
  • Arts & Entertainment