Top 10 Job Search Tips

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10 Job Search Tips

  1. Have a strong resume. Get it critiqued by a career coach BEFORE you start sending out your applications. We have seen hundreds of resumes and have heard directly from employers about what they want to see. Take advantage of this resource.
  2. Conduct a mock interview. You can do this directly with your career coach. Many times it’s the interview that keeps candidates from getting the job.
  3. Apply to several positions. It’s important to balance quality and quantity. The less you apply to, the less you will be considered for. With that said, do not apply to 100 positions with the same resume. You should slightly tweak and tailor your resume to each job to which you are applying.
  4. Learn about hiring timelines. Some recruit almost a full year in advance, others just a few weeks or months in advance. It’s best to start looking early.
  5. Meet people doing the work you want to do. They may be able to help you identify job opportunities or other organizations in the field.
  6. Google yourself and clean up your social media sites. Your image online can be a determining factor in whether or not you are deemed a fit for an organization.
  7. Attend events where you can have in-person contact with potential employers. You will likely be given preference in future applications and will stand out positively.
  8. Communicate professionally. This means a professional email signature, proper salutations, and correct grammar usage in emails or any other forms of communication.
  9. Dress for the position. Want to work in consulting or banking? You should wear a suit. Interested in tech startups or small businesses? Likely you will dress more casually for interviews and at work.
  10. Be persistent. Do NOT stop applying for jobs until you have a job offer in hand. You will miss many opportunities if you stop applying and are waiting to hear back on other applications.