On the Road to Happiness Podcast

On the Road to Happiness, is 6 episode podcast mini-series where our Student Host Gabriella Lewis, investigates the age-old question: what’s more important money or happiness?

This 6 episode podcast mini-series will help anyone that is looking to find the balance between career and personal happiness in this ever-changing landscape of jobs and internships.

Join her on the journey. 

  • Producer: Frank March
  • Host: Gabriella Lewis, Emory 23′
  • Intro Music by: Willa Barnett, Emory 23′
  • Podcast Cover Art by: Mia Usman, Emory 22′

On the Road to Happiness | Part 1

Episode 1: What’s More Important: Money or Happiness?

In our first episode of On the Road to Happiness, we launch out on the journey to answering the age-old question, “What is more important in a career Money or Happiness?”

Our host Gabriella Lewis unpacks this question with Dr. Jane Yang a licensed psychologist and Director of the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). They talk about Emory students, the impact of career-related stress, and how you can navigate finding the best answer for you.

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Episode 2: What’s the true value of an Internship?

Pursuing career happiness has to start somewhere. For most people, the exploration process starts with getting experience in the industry. So in this episode, Gabriella speaks with the DIrector of the Career Center Don Cornwell on how to get an internship, what the value of internships are, and how to get the most out of them.

She also speaks with Ben Garrett at the Emory Hatchery about how to develop your own opportunity and the value of building your own experience to help you find your passion.

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Episode 3: Art of Negotiation: Getting the bag

It’s impossible to completely separate the impact money has on happiness. So in this episode, Gabriella investigates the role negotiation plays in career happiness. She spends time speaking with Michelle Fuentes, an employee of the startup 81 cents which provide negotiation advice and counsel to women and people of color to help close the wage gap.

They discuss the power negotiation can have on career earnings and the role salary has on career satisfaction. Michelle also shares tips on how to initiate the negotiation with future employers.

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Episode 4 | Part 1: How do I find Happiness on the Job? 

Once you get the role, there are so many other areas that can have a direct impact on your ability to remain happy in a role. In this 2 – part episode Gabriella investigates the “on the job” issues that can create an unhappy work environment.

Part 1:  Gabriella interviews her father Harry Lewis, an employment lawyer from California, to discuss labor rights and what to do if you need assistance. She also speaks with Isaac from Emory Unite, Emory’s labor union formed to provide equal treatment for graduate students.

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Episode 4 | Part 2: How do I find Happiness on the Job? 

Part 2– Gabriella talks with Ciara Walton a DEI expert, about issues in the workplace & how marginalized groups can find support while on the job.

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Episode 5: Reflecting on the Journey.

In our final episode, Gabriella is interviewed by Producer Frank March about her experience developing this podcast “On the road to happiness.” They discuss the journey, what she’s learned, what she’s personally taken away from the project, and what advice she thought made the most impact on how she now views career happiness. 

You won’t want to miss this one. 

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On the Road to Happiness,  Host – Gabriella Lewis (she/her)

Gabriella Lewis (she/her) (23C) is from the San Francisco Bay Area, California, majoring in political science and women, gender, and sexuality studies. At Emory, she produces podcasts and multimedia at the Emory Wheel and is involved with voting rights. Outside of Emory, she also enjoys national parks, the WNBA, and eating ramen.

See some of her other projects here: https://emorywheel.com/wheel-talk/

Instagram: @gabriellavlewis | Twitter: @_gabriellalewis