Networking Emails and Offer Letters

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College students are expected to communicate professionally, but this is a skill that is not always taught in the classroom. Review the writing samples below for some examples on ways you can communicate professionally when networking, receiving a job offers & more.

Reaching out to an Emory Alum

To: Amanda Sparks (
From: Jamal Stringer (
Date: 2/19/2019
Subject: Informational Interview Request from Emory Student

Dear Ms. Sparks, I saw on LinkedIn that you are an Emory alumnus and have a background in medicine. I am currently an Emory student and am in the process of researching career paths I can pursue with a Biology major. Would you be willing to speak with me briefly over the phone (10-15 minutes) to share with me your insight on what it is truly like to work as a Physician’s Assistant?

I was interested in hearing any advice you had on how I can make myself more competitive for this career path while I am still currently enrolled.

I would greatly appreciate your time. Thank you for your consideration. Please let me know if I can be of service to you.

Kind Regards, Jamal Stringer | Biology Major | Emory University
Peer Mentor, Pre-Health Mentoring Office

Networking for Shadowing during Career Discovery Days

Hello Ms. Smith,

I am a current sophomore at Oxford College of Emory University studying Psychology and was recently matched with you for Emory Connects Career Discovery Days. I am excited to meet you and learn more about mental health careers. My ideal job is to become a child psychiatrist, so I believe this shadowing opportunity will be beneficial in helping me decide my future career plans. Thank you in advance for sharing your time and knowledge with me!

I will return to New York for winter break and I will be staying from 12/23-1/14. I am available on any of those days. Please let me know if you would like to speak over the phone to set up a time. My phone number is 555-323-1993. You can also reach me at if e-mailing is more convenient.

I have attached my resume to show you more information about my background. Thank you again for helping me learn more about a career in the mental health field. I look forward to hearing back from you!

Sarah Small

Psychology Major, May 2020
Emory University

Accepting a Job Offer

Dear Mr./Ms. _______:

Thank you for your call earlier and letter offering me the position of [job title] with a start date of June 1st. I am delighted to accept your offer, and I look forward to joining the team in [location].

To confirm, you indicated I will be earning an annual salary of [$} per year with a start date of [date] and will be reporting to [supervisor’s name]. I will follow up closer to the start date to see what information or materials I may need to bring once I get started. Please let me know if you need any additional information from me in the meantime.

Again, I am excited to be joining [organization name] and starting soon. Thank you for offering me this wonderful opportunity!

Kind Regards,

Your Name

Professional Email Signature

Turning Down an Offer

Dear Mr./Ms. __________,

Thank you for your call earlier and sharing with me the great news that I received an offer. The position sounds like a wonderful opportunity, and I strongly believe in the mission-driven work you are doing.

However, after a lot of careful thought and consideration, I have decided to move forward with another opportunity that more closely aligns with my future career goals. This was not an easy decision for me, as I was greatly impressed with your staff, organization and the opportunity. I sincerely appreciate the time you took to interview me and sharing more about the role.

I wish you well in your future endeavors. If I can be of service to you in the future, please let me know. I hope our professional paths will cross again.


Your Name

Professional Email Signature

Asking for an Extension


Hello Mr./Ms. ______,

Thank you for offering me the [position title] with [company name]. The opportunity is exciting, and I would enjoy working with [share more about the opportunity].

You requested that I notify you of my final decision by [date], but I am still in the process of wrapping up some outstanding job search conversations. Would you be willing to let me have until [date] to follow up with you? If given this extension, I can assure you I will be able to make a firm decision.

Thank you for your consideration of my request. I am very interested in this opportunity and would appreciate the additional time if possible.

Kind Regards,

Your Name

Professional Email Signature


Hello __________,

Thank you very much for your offer of  [position] starting in June __, 20XX. [Organization Name] has given me wonderful experience in A, B and C, and I appreciate the opportunity. I believe I would bring ____ to the organization, and I appreciate you see the value of my work through my summer internship with you.

However, I would greatly appreciate it if you could offer me more time to consider the opportunity before letting you know of my decision. The Emory Career Center recommends that employers give students 3 weeks to decide upon on offer or until October 15th, whichever is later. Is this something you would be able to accommodate? The additional time would give me the opportunity to fully consider the position and to make an informed decision.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Kind Regards,

Your Name

Professional email signature